It is easy to tell you the benefits to buy evaporative coolers directly from air cooler manufacturer,like more competitive prices and better support,etc.
But there’re so many air cooler suppliers in China,how to choose? If уоu’rе going to buy evaporative air coolers from China,there are some things you need to consider before making your choice.
Here are the few things to consider when choosing an air cooler manufacturer:


Assurance of a good quality production is the first factor to put into consideration when choosing a manufacturer for Air Cooler, good quality products will increase the reputation of the company and save you a lot on the after-sales service.While sometimes it’s difficult to identify the quality by only watching the appearance of the evaporative coolers. So the question is how to check if the air cooler is in good quality or not?

Check the materials that they used like:
Case material: Fresh material or recycled material? If used fresh material, it could be used for 10 years, while if use recycled material might have some problem after 1-2 years
Case thickness: generally the thicker, the better
Motor wiring: It’s better to use 100% copper wiring, while some suppliers use aluminum wiring motor to save the cost


Quality certificates: like CE,IEC,CB,etc.
The cooling performance: related with cooling pad size and thickness. The bigger and thickness of the cooling pad, the better cooling performance it will get

Check carefully the airflow volume: Some suppliers write a much higher airflow volume than the actual rate on the specification sheet to misguide the buyer (to make the buyer think that their air coolers are cost effective at that airflow volume, but the truth is that the real airflow is much lower than they marked)

How to calculate airflow volume? Here’s a formula for your reference:

Airflow volume (m3/h) =Average speed (m/s)×Air Outlet(m2)×3600(s)

Other details that will affect the air cooler quality:


Multiple sources of supply can help in getting a fair price for a commodity, it create an effective competition among suppliers, different prices will be offered by the manufacturer, in the race of this a reduction in supply take place.
Prices are also related with the industry zone where the supplier is located. Choosing a manufacturer that is located in the related industry zone, they get lots of benefits from the supply chain and could reduce the spare parts prices accordingly. Take an example, Shunde and Zhongshan city are famous for electrical appliance and the suppliers in this area could get better prices on spare parts than some other areas.


Delivery time is one of the major factors to consider when choosing Air Cooling Manufacturer, the time of delivery will surely affect the running of a business either positively or negatively. For instance,think about a situation like this where your air coolers are in a big demand from your market and you want the supplier to make delivery within 10 days but you’re told that they need at least 30 days, and you can only see the customers turn to your competitors…
This type of supplier will affect the demand in the market negatively, once the delivery time can’t be met, the customers will surely try your competitors and in the worst case it can affect other part of the business, because it will reduce the reputation of your companyThis is how much delivery time is important in running a business smoothly
Here are 2 main factors that will affect the Delivery Time:

This is реrhарѕ thе most unрrеdісtаblе іѕѕuе thаt mау аrіѕе fоr OEMs. A numbеr of factors can аffесt ѕhірmеntѕ, frоm rаw material ѕhоrtаgеѕ to natural dіѕаѕtеrѕ tо humаn еrrоr. For thіѕ rеаѕоn, іt іѕ dіffісult to аvоіd problems, but іt’ѕ nоt impossible tо reduce risk. Finding a supplier who locates in the related supply chain area will help to reduce the risk
Quantity produced of a factory selected can also affect delivery time, if the factory can produce more of the requirement at a time it will help in delivery.


Did you have the experience that you want to have some technical support from the supplier urgently but you always get a late reply?And when you face some quality problem from the air coolers but the supplier refused to take their responsibility and just disappeared?
At that time you’ll deeply understand how the service from the supplier is so important for your business.So starts with some trial orders and test the service from the supplier will be a good choise to reduce the potential risks.


An organization must have a good R&D department, this department will make the organization relevant and consistence in the market. A well research department helps in realizing the goals of the organization in terms of knowing what is trending in the market and forecast economy trends. While your competitors are making their product with eye catching features, you should also follow the trend and create something much better than theirs. Only then a better future will be guarantee for the business.

After considering above factors,we’d like to recommend Vankool who can meet such requirements and will be a good choice when you consider to choose an evaporative cooler manufacturer in China.
Vankool Technology Co.,Limited is a professional producer of evaporative air coolers,which owns full range of air cooler series including portable air coolers,industrial air coolers and residential wall mounted air coolers.
Manufacturing evaporative air coolers since 2005, Vankool products have been sold to more than 60 countries in the world.Now Vankool owns the production capacity of 500 pieces of air coolers per day.
The manufacturing capabilities include ODM service,moulding,plastic injection and air coolers production.With sales and R&D office in Shunde,they have our own producing facilities in Zhongshan and Guangzhou cities.

Here are 5 more reasons that why Vankool could be a good choice for you:
1.Over 12 years experience in the field of evaporative air coolers
2.Over 5 new air coolers will be designed for customers by ODM service
3.With full range of evaporative air cooler products like residential air coolers,commercial air coolers
4.ISO 9000 QC standard will be applied for each order
5.Short delivery time for sample order(1-2 days) and bulk order(15-25 days)