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Tips on Installing and Maintaining Industrial Swamp Cooler

With the advent of summer months, most people are looking for cost-effective industrial swamp cooler to keep their homes and business environments cool and comfortable. The industrial evaporative air cooler provides an effective and efficient way to cool homes and business premises. However, to work efficiently, proper installation and regular maintenance is important.. [...]

Top 11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | Swamp Cooler

Swamp Cooler is great. This essential application ability to ventilate large open spaces, even in humid environments, spot cooling and just cooling in genera. Swamp Cooler provides an economical and energy efficient solution to keeping home or workplace comfortable. If you wanna air cooler, then you’ll Love this guide. you can filter through the frequently [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Window Swamp Cooler

If you want a highly effective machine to cool your space, then get yourself a Window Swamp Cooler! Not only is this cooler easily affordable but also occupies a very small space in your home. It's easily mountable on a window. Window cooler is also eco-friendly because it doesn't emit ozone-destroying refrigerants like traditional [...]

How to Choose the Best Industrial Air Cooler

Industrial air cooler provide an effective amazing cooling effect in almost anywhere. Industrial air coolers are also referred to as industrial swamp cooler or industrial evaporative cooler. They are used to provide large-scale powerful cooling in factories, huge indoor spaces and outdoor areas. Such systems are also used as a cost-efficient cooling solution in [...]

How to make air cooler with Plastic Bottles

With the summer just around the corner, very soon people will start complaining about the excessive heat. In a bid to mitigate against such summer heat, one social venture in Bangladesh has created the Eco cooler. This simple air coolers are constructed using affordable, used plastic bottles. This system is unique in that it [...]

Portable Air Cooler vs Portable Air conditioner

Most people are not able to differentiate an portable air cooler from an air conditioner portable based on their functionality. Judging from their appearances, these two appliances may seem similar making it more likely for one to conclude that they share common pros and cons. However, the two differ a lot especially considering that they [...]