Industrial air cooler is ideal for business, warehouse, and large office because it distributes cool air over longer distances with higher output. Unlike fans that just circulate hot air, air coolers actively reduce the overall temperature of the area. They are a cost-effective alternative to air conditioners and come in different sizes to match the needs of your space.

Industrial Evaporative Coolers Beat commercial Air Conditioners

While you may believe that a commercial air conditioner is the answer to your overheated workspace, it’s worth considering a industrial evaporative cooler, commonly known as a swamp cooler, as an alternative.

While a commercial air conditioner can effectively cool your workspace, it comes with some drawbacks. Firstly, installation costs can be sky-high, potentially reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, these units consume a significant amount of energy. Considering your already hefty energy bill, adding another power-hungry appliance may not be the best idea. The situation worsens when you realize that a considerable portion of the energy is used to cool unnecessary spaces, like the high ceilings above your workers, where the rising heat poses little to no harm. Additionally, the maintenance of industrial air conditioners can be quite costly, involving cleaning, repairing, and replacing various components such as fans, pumps, condensers, coils, and refrigerants.

Many people worry that an industrial swamp cooler could cause corrosion in crucial metal components, but that’s not the case. All the evaporation takes place within the cooler’s media, preventing any additional moisture from entering your facility.

Design and Benefits of Industrial Air Cooler

  • All-new PP cabinet with 100% updates, offering UV resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging properties, and resistance to deformation.
  • Highly efficient evaporative cooling pad for excellent cooling, with easy cleaning.
  • Open-type water distributor ensures smooth water flow, preventing easy clogging.
  • Intelligent controller system equipped with a multi-function LCD wall controller and remote controller.
  • Motor cabinet made of aluminum material, featuring 100% copper wire for extended lifespan.
  • Smooth fan blade design for low noise, making it particularly suitable for commercial areas.
  • Automatic water inlet system with a reminder for water shortage.
  • Optional 0-48 hours automatic cleaning cycle.

What is the Best Solution to Keep Your Industrial Worksite Cool

For over two decades, Vankool has been the answer to cooling challenging spaces globally. It would be our privilege to have our portable evaporative coolers contribute to the growth of your business. Our air cooler Series provides diverse options for cooling industrial facilities of any size.

Affordable, effective, user-friendly, and a key to enhancing safety, satisfaction, and productivity – Vankool is a must-have for those who take pride in their work. For just about $1 a day, Vankool can reduce temperatures by up to 30°F, thriving in heat with open ventilation. Use the calculator below to determine the ideal Vankool for your space and discover where you can find them nearby.

NO#1 Big 9000cmh Portable Commercial Air Cooler

Perfect for big patios and commercial areas up to 100m2, the Vankool VAB09 Evaporative Cooler is excellent at handling intense heat. Whether you’re dealing with a storage facility, small warehouse, production area, or any other space, it can effectively lower the air temperature by up to 15-40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Superior Cooling Material : We use the most effective and durable cooling material in the industry. This 8-10cm rigid material not only lasts longer but is also certified to meet third-party standards for chemical emissions, ensuring good air quality. The material is treated with a special thermosetting resin to prevent the growth of algae and mold.
  • Big Water Tank : We have a large 100L tank that you can easily fill with a garden hose. It automatically stops filling when it’s full, and after that, it can keep running for hours without needing to be connected to a water source.
  • Strong and Efficient Performance : With a direct-drive motor and adjustable speed control, the Vankool VAB09 provides accurate cooling at a much lower cost than air conditioning. The instant airflow offers immediate relief for workers in auto shops, warehouses, packing facilities, and beyond.
  • Easy-to-Use Settings : This air cooler comes with a straightforward control panel, including an on/off switch for the pump and a dial for adjusting the fan speed. It also has a flow control valve that lets you manage the water flow easily.
  • Simple to Transport : Big wheels make it easy to move the cooler around swiftly, ensuring it can be placed for optimal performance.
  • Budget-Friendly, Intelligent Cooling :Cool down your medium-sized workspaces without breaking the bank on expensive air conditioners. This air cooler efficiently cools areas up to 110m2 without burning a hole in your pocket. Unlike some swamp coolers with cooling media on just one side, this portable evaporative cooler boasts high-density rigid media on three sides. It works by drawing in air, passing it over the pads, and then pushing the cooled air out on three sides into your space.

NO#2 Portable commercial air cooler 10000cmh airflow

Making sure your employees stay comfy in big warehouses doesn’t have to be hard. The Vankool VAB10 evaporative cooler is ideal for production facilities, warehouses, outdoor events, and gyms. Its heavy-duty wheels and robust design make it easy to cool both challenging indoor and outdoor spaces.

Wide Temperature Range: Suitable for use in extremely hot conditions, even up to 104 degrees F.

Sturdy Rotomolded Casing: Feel secure using it outdoors as it features a UV-resistant rotomolded polyethylene housing, ensuring durability in any environment without causing damage to walls or corners.

Top Choice for Big Cooling Needs: Effortlessly bring down the temperature in your space by as much as 10-40 degrees F, ensuring the comfort of your guests or employees, even in the scorching summer heat.

Strong Cooling Performance: The powerful fan in this unit moves air faster than similar ones. With an airflow of up to 10000cmh, it maximizes spot cooling precisely where you need it.

Durable Cooling Material: The cooling material treated with resin is 8-10cm thick, making it highly effective at evaporating heat and more resilient for longer-lasting performance.

Huge Water Tank for Non-stop Cooling: The sizable 80L water reservoir, along with continuous fill capability, ensures you’ll have refreshing cool air for hours on end. Connect a hose for uninterrupted use without the need to refill the tank.

Budget-Friendly Operation: Evaporative coolers, unlike many other cooling options, are cost-effective to run. Without the need for compressors, just set it up, add a water source, and enjoy immediate relief.

NO#3 Double fans industrial evaporative air cooler

Save on Cooling Bills with the VAB11 Vankool 11000CMH Evaporative Cooler. Perfect for hot, dry areas or for reducing dependence on air conditioners in industrial settings. It can cool spaces up to 110m2, making it great for warehouses, garages, workshops, and outdoor decks.

Manual Control Panel

  • Fan/Motor Speed: Adjust the fan speed easily with the dial, choosing between Low, Medium, and High.
  • Pump: Engage the pump by pushing the rocker switch, ensuring the rigid cooling media is thoroughly saturated.
  • Air Swing Delivery System: The internal vertical louvers move air from left to right using the air swing delivery system.
  • Adjustable Louvers: Direct the airflow where you need it by manually adjusting the external horizontal louvers.
  • Power: Turn the swamp cooler on and off effortlessly using the power rocker switch.
  • Ideal for large open rooms, garage, deck, backyard, warehouse.
  • Double high-pressure blowers produce vigorous, long airflow for long spaces. Auto-close shutters help keep out dust & insects when off, Low Water Alarm, Automatic Off timer & remote control.
  • Not just a fan – air cooler reduces temperature through water evaporation. Moist, cool breeze can cool you down without spraying floor & furniture with water.
  • Super Low power consumption, continuous water supply connection & thick Honeycomb Cooling Pads for optimal evaporative cooling all day long.

Strong Airflow

  • Get ready for a blast of refreshing coolness with this portable air cooler. Engineered with special features from Vankool, it can deliver up to 11000cmh of airflow exactly where you need it. The unique cupped axial fan design ensures a generous flow of cool, fresh air. Plus, the air swing delivery system spreads air across the space using left to right louvers.

NO#4 Portable commercial evaporative air cooler

The Vankool VAB20 evaporative cooler is crafted for instant cooling in big production facilities, warehouses, service bays, outdoor events, and stadiums covering up to 6,500 square feet. With sturdy wheels and a robust design, it’s easy to cool challenging indoor or outdoor spaces. Effortlessly lower the temperature in your area by up to 33 degrees F, ensuring the comfort of your guests or employees even in harsh summer conditions.

Strong Cooling Performance: The fan in this unit has a powerful diameter, moving air faster than similar models. With an airflow of up to 20000cmh, it maximizes spot cooling precisely where you need it.

Durable Cooling Material: The cooling material treated with resin is 8 cm thick, making it highly effective at evaporating heat and more resilient for longer-lasting performance.

Huge Water Tank : The sizable 150L water reservoir, along with continuous fill capability, ensures you’ll have refreshing cool air for hours on end. Connect a hose for uninterrupted use without the need to refill the tank.

Budget-Friendly Operation: Evaporative coolers are cost-effective to run, unlike many other cooling options. Without the need for compressors, just set it up, add a water source, and enjoy immediate relief.

Perfect for Business and Industry: Weighing just 39kg, it’s a breeze to roll this cooler from one spot to another on its robust caster wheels. This makes it convenient for moving across bare concrete or rough, uneven floors. Standing a little over 1900mm tall, it delivers strong performance without occupying much space. Ideal for mechanic shops, warehouses, hangars, and more.

NO#5 Roof industrial evaporative desert cooler

The Vankool VAB18 down/up/side-discharge evaporative cooler offers an affordable and eco-friendly way to cool spaces up to 200m2. With top-notch airflow and durability, this air cooler not only saves you money on energy but also ensures years of worry-free cooling comfort for your family. You can choose a 1/3, 1/2, or 3/4 HP motor (sold separately) based on your cooling requirements. This evaporative cooler works best in dry, arid climates.

Roof Evaporative Coolers are specially designed to efficiently cool a variety of commercial and industrial spaces, including schools, retail centers, offices, and warehouses.

Advantages of roof evaporative air coolers:

  • Constant flow of clean, fresh air.
  • Harnesses natural elements for cooling.
  • Converts stagnant, muggy heat into refreshing coolness.
  • Filters incoming outside air.
  • Affordable operating expenses.
  • Minimal maintenance costs.
  • Allows doors and windows to stay open.
  • Low initial investment.

Characteristics of roof air coolers:

  • Special (anti-block) water distribution reservoir with automated cleaning water management system.
  • Durable and effective cooling pads.
  • High performance with low noise.
  • Reverse option for extracting unwanted hot air.
  • LCD wall controller with remote control.
  • Available pre-dust filters.
  • Pre-cooling feature to prevent dust entry during startup.
  • Adjustable temperature.

NO#6 VEAC evaporative air conditioner cooler

VEAC™ Evaporative + conditioning cooling is both efficient and effective across various climate settings. It works well even in the most humid European countries, like the United Kingdom, Germany, and The Netherlands. This technology isn’t limited to hot, dry climates like the west coast of America, Saudi Arabia, and Australia—it performs efficiently in more humid conditions too.

VEAC™ is short for Vankool Evaporative Air Conditioner, making it the first commercially employed eco-friendly air conditioning system globally, thanks to its exclusive technology. Unlike standalone evaporative cooling systems or traditional air conditioners, VEAC™ revolutionizes cooling by combining an evaporative cooling process with a refrigeration cycle, ensuring optimal cooling performance at around 25℃.

Enhanced Cooling: VEAC surpasses typical evaporative coolers in delivering superior cooling performance. With an air outlet temperature reaching ±22℃ even in 35℃ ambient conditions, it proves particularly effective in hot and humid areas.

Large Airflow: VEAC provides a significantly larger airflow compared to traditional industrial air conditioners. Unlike industrial AC units with limited airflow suitable for spot cooling, VEAC can effectively cool a larger area.

Energy Saving: It will reduce energy consumption up to 60% compared with conventional air conditioner.

No Installation :VEAC could be moved from place to place with heavy duty wheels.

Why Vankool?

Vankool is one of top provider of energy-efficient industrial air coolers. In order to create a comfortable working environment for employees, commercial and industrial facilities need efficient cooling. Enhancing the efficiency of business processes and installed equipment is also crucial. Duct air coolers evenly cool all rooms within an enclosed space, making them ideal for spaces of any size and type, including large factories, offices, and restaurants.

An industrial air cooler offers year-round comfortable cooling, adapting to climate variations and extended summer periods. We produce and supply duct air coolers tailored to your specifications and design preferences. Emphasizing energy efficiency in each unit’s manufacturing, our latest product range, particularly industrial air coolers, aligns with contemporary needs. Manufactured in China with the utmost quality standards, contact us today to learn more about our products and services. Choose the ideal cooling solution for your commercial or industrial spaces.

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