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6 Best Industrial Air Cooler of 2024

Industrial air cooler is ideal for business, warehouse, and large office because it distributes cool air over longer distances with higher output. Unlike fans that just circulate hot air, air coolers actively reduce the overall temperature of the area. They are a cost-effective alternative to air conditioners and come in different sizes to match [...]


How to Manufacture Air Cooler in Factory Process 

In the age of easy-to-follow online tutorials, they show us how to assemble an evaporative air cooler. However, the real challenge isn't just putting it together but ensuring the final product is of excellent quality. In the realm of Chinese manufacturing, our top priority is emphasizing quality, not just simplicity. This blog post will guide [...]


VEAC™ – A new evaporative air cooler who works in humid climate

Does evaporative air cooler work in humid climates? The short answer is yes, but it depends on the type of evaporative system you use. Evaporative cooling varies in different situations The efficiency of evaporative cooling is influenced by various factors, including: The outdoor dry bulb temperature The outdoor wet-bulb temperature The outdoor air humidity [...]


How to Choose and Install Commercial Air Cooler

Places with low humidity levels can gain advantages from the process of evaporating water into the supplied air for cooling spaces, be it in residential or commercial settings.Swamp coolers work by a process called evaporative cooling, which is commonly known. That's why they are considered evaporative air conditioners. Now, we'll explain how commercial air [...]


Can Evaporative Air Coolers Replace Air Conditioners and Fans?

As the weather gets hotter in summer, finding good ways to stay cool becomes really important. Usually, we use air conditioners and fans to stay comfortable when it's hot outside. But now, there's something new called evaporative air coolers. These coolers are designed to cool us down well and they're also better for the [...]


The world’s 1st Evaporative Air Conditioner

VEAC™(Vankool Evaporative Air Conditioner) is the world’s 1st commercially used Eco-friendly air conditioning system with proprietary technology. It is definitely the most preferred cooling systems.Many people may not be knowing about the better cooling features of an evaporative air conditioner. After all, they provide high cooling with low energy consumption at a reasonable price. [...]

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