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Can Evaporative Air Coolers Replace Air Conditioners and Fans?

As the weather gets hotter in summer, finding good ways to stay cool becomes really important. Usually, we use air conditioners and fans to stay comfortable when it's hot outside. But now, there's something new called evaporative air coolers. These coolers are designed to cool us down well and they're also better for the [...]


The world’s 1st Evaporative Air Conditioner

VEAC™(Vankool Evaporative Air Conditioner) is the world’s 1st commercially used Eco-friendly air conditioning system with proprietary technology. It is definitely the most preferred cooling systems.Many people may not be knowing about the better cooling features of an evaporative air conditioner. After all, they provide high cooling with low energy consumption at a reasonable price. [...]


9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Personal Air Cooler

1. What is Personal Air Cooler Certain conditions can push you to want to reduce the temperature in the area around you. However, using either an evaporative air cooler or conventional portable air conditioner is not the ideal thing to do. Maybe, your accommodation does not have enough floor space for a big self-supporting [...]


-GUEST POST- 7 Exciting Features of an Air Cooler You Should Know About

With the temperatures soaring to new highs and crossing beyond 40 degrees across the country, it is time to get an air cooler to maintain the indoor temperatures at comfortable levels. If you still think that air coolers are stuck in a time-warp, think again! Air coolers, much like an AC, come with smart [...]


10 things to know before buying solar air cooler

A solar air cooler works on solar energy. As the name suggests, it uses solar power to meet its energy requirements. Its operational mechanism is different from conventional evaporative air cooler and it better than solar air conditioner. The solar energy from sun is converted into chemical energy and stored in a battery. This [...]

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