If you want a highly effective machine to cool your space, then get yourself a Window Swamp Cooler! Not only is this cooler easily affordable but also occupies a very small space in your home. It’s easily mountable on a window. Window cooler is also eco-friendly because it doesn’t emit ozone-destroying refrigerants like traditional air conditioners do.

How does window swamp cooler work

  • What is Evaporative Cooling 

Evaporative cooling is based on a physical phenomenon. Evaporation is the coversion of liquid water into vapor using the thermal energy in the air, resulting in a lower air temperature. Dry air absorbs the resultant moisture from the process of evaporation. In the process of being converted to moisture during evaporation, water absorbs heat. then, we feel cool. Nowaday, Evaporative coolers use a kind of fan that is specially designed to help accelerate the process of evaporation, cool the air further and circulate the cooled air.

The most common example we all experience is putting on a wet T-shirt and fanning yourself. In dry, low-humidity areas, you’d experience an immediate cooling feeling. On the other hand, if you live in a highly-humid region, you’ll simply experience a damp feeling. The amount of heat transfer depends on the evaporation rate, which in turn depends on the humidity of the air and its temperature. When the air humidity is high, evaporates slowly. 

  • How Evaporative window cooler work

How window swamp cooler work

Window swamp cooler, also called a window mounted evaporative cooler. Compared to roof-mounted cooler, window mount swamp coolers are more convenient for maintenance and reduce the chance of roof leaks.

Inside the machine,  there is a fan whose role is to pull air through cooler pads . and then discharge it into the target space via the box-like vent in the front. The front panel switches are used to control blower speed and a tiny pump motor inside the cooler’s housing. This unit also has a connection to a water line that supplies water its shallow bottom reservoir. As evaporation occurs, a simple float-valve controls the addition of more. it can shut off its motor if it overheats and restarts after motor cooled down.

Differences between window evaporative cooler and air conditioner

While evaporative cooling machines operate using the nature-given almost-free resources of air and water, traditional air conditioners use toxic refrigerant chemicals. evaporative air coolers, which are known to perform best in dry climatic conditions, consume only about 25% of the electrical energy used by AC units, getting rid of hot air and in its place in your target space bringing in fresh and cool air. With evaporative cooling systems, fresh air is re-circulated every 2-4 minutes while air conditioners maintain the same stale air in the room. In addition, their moist pads help relieve allergy sufferers by filtering smoke, dust, pollen and other allergens from the air. Here are window cooler vs air conditioner:

1)Operation costs

Window evaporative cooling systems are three times more energy-efficient than ACs. As the resources which they use is air and water. 

2) Costs of installation

Evaporative coolers are easier and more affordable to install. No wiring. No venting. Costs here are typically 50-80% less than installing central ACs. 

3) Environment-friendly

Uses nature-given resources (water and air). Emits zero ozone-depleting ingredients. 

4) Efficiency

The evaporative cooling system makes it high performance with low operating and installation costs

Is a window air cooler right for you

First, visit the local building and home improvement store and consult widely. You may be surprised to learn that temperature and humidity levels in your area  allow for evaporative coolers or not.

How do evaporative coolers work best

This mostly depends on the levels of humidity and temperature usually experienced in your local area. As we mentioned earlier, evaporative coolers work best in dry climates.

Portable Evaporative CoolerIn the first column of the table below, the figures represent outdoor (dry-bulb) temperatures. Then the numbers in the row located at the top of the table represent outdoor relative humidity (or RH).

The most optimum weather conditions for the efficient operation and functioning of an evaporative cooling system are located in the table’s upper left quadrant. Those conditions displayed in the blue boxes are marginal. Those conditions displayed in the other boxes immediately located under the blue ones are not suitable for evaporative cooling.

How to choose the size of window air cooler

Once you’re sure that you need a window swamp cooler, the next consideration is size. They are calibrated in cube meter per hour (CMH) or cube feet per minute (CFM). A small unit may be 3000 CMH, while a whole house unit will be 8000 CMH or larger. For instance, 6000 CMH can serve a huge residential house which 80 square meters of floor space with ceilings 3.5 meters. 

With up to 300 cubic meters of air being constantly pushed into the rooms, you need to leave windows at least partially open so as to allow for an exit path. Opening a 8 to 12 cm window in each room will provide ample circulation.

What is the Features of window cooler

  • Cooling pads:

cooling pad

The key to the efficiency evaporative coolers lies with the design of their cooler pads, as well as level of humidity in the ambient air.

Aspen pads are more affordable, easier to install and replace, more effective and more biodegradable than synthetic versions. But the latter last longer.

Cellulose cooling pads are also known as honeycomb pads, mostly because they look like a honeycomb. They are thicker in comparison to aspen pads and have low maintenance and a higher life. They cost a little more but are also known to be more efficient.

  • Motor: 

Evaporative coolers are more cost-efficient than traditional AC compressors since they only have to pump air. No compressing of any refrigerant gas. A typical residential swamp cooling motor is just 1/3 to 3/4 horsepower. In comparison, a residential AC compressor is 3 to 5 horsepower. If we also include the AC fans needed for cooling and condensing, then we see that evaporative coolers consume much less energy.

Centrifugal fan vs. axial fans


The main versions of centrifugal fans include airfoil, forward-curved and backward-inclined. Axial fans are more efficient (80-90%) while centrifugal versions are about 50-60% efficient. So, if you want to buy an evaporative cooler, consider an axial airfoil fan, especially with the direct drive and the static regain cooling device versions.

  • Overload protection 

The cooler comes with an automatic thermal-overload switch that shuts off its motor if it overheats, then restarts it once it has cooled down. 

  •  Durability

 Its corrosion-resistant polyester protects the cooler’s metallic parts from rust even if exposed to weather elements. 

  • Continuous operation

 By connecting a water hose to the cooler’s water supply, you don’t have to refill it.

How to maintain the window air cooler

Window mount swamp coolers are quite easy to service and maintain. Any home-owner with some basic mechanical knowledge and basic tools like an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver can do it. This is unlike the maintenance of traditional ACs that is better performed by expert technicians. Its replacement parts are also easily available and inexpensive. 

Bonus Tip: How to Manage Your Swamp Cooler’s Water

We recommend to use Filtered Water,Distilled Water,Water Softener. As there are dangers of hard water for cooler.Hard water has a high concentration of minerals and deposits, if not filtered properly, it easy to make water pump gummed up with calcium buildup and will stop working. Owners might find spots on filters ,it could be left behind by hard water. Meanwhile, Mineral deposits from water will build up on filters and pads , as it will remain after water evaporated . Calcium buildup will low the efficiency of the air cooler.

If your evaporative air cooler is working less efficiently due to hard water damage, cleaning can be the most effective way.Calcium buildup and mineral deposits can be dissolved by soaking the pads and filters in vinegar.

How to install the window cooler 

It is easy to install the window swamp cooler, Following the tips:

install window air cooler


Take cooling your home to an eco-friendly and cost-efficient level with window swamp cooler. Reduce operating costs by up to 75% and save on installation while using the natural evaporation process of air and water to effectively cool your home. It can be installed in vertical or horizontal windows with included kit. Most effective in dry climates for spaces up to 90 square meters.

Once you have decided to get the window swamp cooler, that the next important step is to choose the brand. Some popular brands of window evaporative cooler are Honeywell window cooler, etc. While if you want to be an air cooler dealer and buy evaporative air coolers in bulk, you should consider the manufacturers to get a more competitive price and better technical support. Vankool could be a good choice for wholesale business since it has been the OEM supplier for Honeywell for more than 12 years and owns full range of evaporative cooler including window air cooler,portable air cooler and industrial air coolers.