In the age of easy-to-follow online tutorials, they show us how to assemble an evaporative air cooler. However, the real challenge isn’t just putting it together but ensuring the final product is of excellent quality. In the realm of Chinese manufacturing, our top priority is emphasizing quality, not just simplicity. This blog post will guide us to understand air cooler under the context of Chinese manufacturing.

How to Manufacturing Air Cooler in Factory Process. We Show vankool Air Cooler Amazing Production Process. Now we are visiting an evaporative air cooler factory in China. Let’s know more how swamp coolers are made and where they come from..

What is evaporative cooler and how does it work?

If you’ve ever tested the wind by holding a wet finger in the air, you’ve used evaporative cooling. The same principle cools you off after a swim, and also powers one of the oldest and simplest forms of air conditioning. Evaporative air coolers, also known in the U.S. as swamp coolers, can trace their lineage to ancient Egypt. They’re cheap, efficient and good for the environment.

evaporated very cool is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water, as the temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly through the phase transition of liquid water to water vapor ,this environmentally friendly concept which was first used in ancient egypt and persia thousands of years ago, in the form of wind shafts on the roof can cool air using much less energy than refrigeration that uses vapor compression or absorption refrigeration cycles attracted by this modern version of this ancient cooling system.

What we will do before air cooler mass production

– 3D air cooler design

Initial product creation starts right here at the r&d department .the engineers here use solidworks and pro engineer for 3d product design . researching the intended use function performance requirements safety and legal requirements for the products items .

– air cooler Certification sample

On the key quality characteristics of the air cooler components and materials. third-party certification laboratories to complete CE,SGS and other relater certification tests after initial cooler samples are produced . the samples will be sent here to lab where tests using more advanced equipment are conducted to confirm whether the initial air cooler samples are ready for mass production and following both national and international standards.

Some desert climate countries, including Dubai, may go through extended humid periods.In such situations, the VEAC dual cooling system becomes an optimal cooling solution. This system merges evaporative cooling with a conditioning cooling system, ensuring effective cooling for production halls or buildings year-round without sacrificing the substantial advantages of evaporative cooling.

How can the factory guarantee the long life and stable quality of the air coolers

– Electrical Safety Test

We use a safety comprehensive tester to check and determine the conformity and consistency of the safety characteristics of the tested product. with the air cooler standards and requirements including grounding resistance with stand voltage characteristics insulation resistance leakage current power and so on.

– aging test

Our products are used outdoors, most of the time based on the correlation of failure mechanism of full day spectrum natural exposure degradation . we use the standardized test method of simulated accelerated aging by aging test chamber to study characterize ,  evaluate the atmospheric weather resistance reliability and extra equivalent service life of engineering plastic products and components of evaporative cooling fan product shell.

– Tensile bending and impact tests

In order for us to ensure the high quality of the raw materials. we use the vertical strip injection molding machine to make testing ,samples which will be used for tensile bending and impact tests as well as inner limb weathering tests.

– voltage rise test

In order to verify and evaluate the reliability of the air cooler to withstand the shock of unbalanced voltage,  oscillation a power supply thought simulator is used to simulate the unstable fault conditions of sudden voltage rise and sudden drop of external power supply network.

–  lightning surge test

We use the lightning surge tester to verify the reliability of the power frequency of the air cooler against the external power grid lightning surge .

–  Salt fog testing

We use salt fog testing machine to simulate the humid climate with high salinity coastal countries or regions. to accelerate the verification and confirmation of the corrosion resistance and environmental reliability of meta structure parts and functional components . if the samples ever happen to show any quality problems with the end of the above process we will conduct further tests and an in-depth analysis as to make process improvement to sum up. only after the relevant tests are passed we arrange mass production.

Air volume & cooling effect Test

The cooling principle of evaporative air cooler is to extract hot air through the motor, and then filter through the water flow in the cooling medium water curtain paper for heat exchange so that the wind sent out to the feeder becomes cool and cold. therefore the core components of the motor will determine the size of the product’s air volume and cooling effect .

check it out before mass production, the model’s initial air cooler samples will be sent here to the certified air volume laboratory to ensure that the motor power air volume noise and other related parameters will meet the quality standards at home and abroad .

How to manufacturing air cooler in factory 

Step 1:Customer logo

The first step here in the assembly workshop is the logo marking. According to the standard customer requirements logo printing will be performed on plastic components such as shadows front panels remote controls water tanks control panels name plates etc. to ensure the permanence of patterns and words .

Step 2:  Water tank and cooling pads assembly

The second step is the assembly of the water tank kit and bays . including the assembly and installation of caster water pump water level sensor float ball valve drainage screw and water curtain pads .

Step 3: Motor & PCB installation

The third step is the assembly of different parts of motor kits . Then is the installation of the controller electrical box module and the wiring in a verification whether the pcbs are correct and firmly connected .

Step 4: Other parts connection

the fifth step is the installation of the remaining parts. such as water pipe cable top lid shutters and dust filters.

Step 5: FQC Inspection

Here at vankool FQC inspectors of each production line carry out inspection. in accordance with aql inspection standards including appearance structure performance and packaging it also includes main inspection tests .such as grounding resistance insulation resistance ac voltage resistance high wind speed noise and other key tests.

Step 6: Clean and packing

Finally all products will be cleaned and packed and only qualified products will be allowed to be sent to the warehouse and shipped to the customers

Why choose Vankool evaporative cooler

Vankool environmental technology which is a manufacturer that produces and exports evaporative air cooler to all over the world. we has over 10 years of manufacturing and export experience in evaporative air coolers .  Vankool has iso quality management system certificates ccc cb ce pse and other product certificates . the factory designs produces and tests them internally and has already gained over 10 patents for product designs. Rely on the research and develop efforts of the laboratory we have applied for two invention patents and one utility model patented .

The key’s top selling models portability model VEAC (which is the world’s 1st commercially used Eco-friendly air conditioning system with proprietary technology) has a great advantage due to its competitive price it is our top selling model it comes with wheels and it’s portable and suitable for both indoors and outdoors it is being welcomed for picnic pool party outdoor wedding or anywhere else where people want to enjoy cool breeze there that’s amazing .

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