1. What is Personal Air Cooler

Certain conditions can push you to want to reduce the temperature in the area around you. However, using either an evaporative air cooler or conventional portable air conditioner is not the ideal thing to do. Maybe, your accommodation does not have enough floor space for a big self-supporting unit. Also, the size of your windows might not be compatible enough for the hose kit to fit correctly. Or you might as well be a student who needs cool air but studies in a stuffy library. Or someone working in an office and would like a much lower temperature, unlike their colleagues. If any of these situations is your case, then there is an innovative unit that might interest you. Some people have already considered it a perfect replacement for window and central air conditioning systems.

This is why innovative Personal Air Cooler is necessary. It is a necessity to have personal air cooler that comes handy at your desk in your working place or home. It also helps to offer you cool air on your bed at night when you sleep. The Personal Air Cooler is compact, and that is why it also includes a humidifier despite being small. The device needs no venting and therefore suitable for use everywhere.

2. How Does the personal space cooler Work

A personal cooler, unlike central air conditioning systems, does not require any modifications during installation. Also, it is unlike other units that require you to have a hose vented via your windows. The technology a personal cooler uses to lower temperature around you is quite simple.

Installing a personal cooler is not complex. Just fill-up the removable water tank, connect it to the power supply using a simple plug and switch on.

It is with evaporative technology principles that Personal Air Coolers can cool the air. The water the tank contains helps in turning hot, dry air into the air that is cool and moist. In the unit, there is an evaporative pad designed using inorganic material that is non-toxic. This is eco-friendly material that is, of course, completely biodegradable and designed for bacteria prevention in the interior.

How Does the personal space cooler Work

Due to its 3 section design, people at times call the personal air cooler; a 3-function-unit. Apart from making the air cool, the unit is also charged with humidifying and purifying the air. This implies that you are sure to breathe healthy and uncontaminated air, free from airborne contaminants. The device consumes only 10 watts of energy. That means it saves you energy and money through low electricity bills.

3. What are the pros and cons of using personal air cooler fan

Limits of personal air coolers

4. What Kind of Temperature Drop Can You Expect With the personal cooler

4.What Kind of Temperature Drop Can You Expect With the personal cooler?

Like everyone else, you are perhaps asking yourself how much air temperature the personal cooler can reduce? It is no doubt, the most important question in people’s minds.

Why consider buying a compact device 10 times much smaller than a typical air conditioner pack? Is that an ideal investment choice? According to the manufacturers, it takes a short time to reduce air temperature by 15 degrees. Also, it is all based on levels of humidity at that moment. That is therefore just a significant reduction from a unit with a large jewelry box size.

However, it should better not be considered as another type of traditional air conditioner or even an evaporative cooler. This personal cooler has its limitation. If you want a device that will cool your room fully, then this unit is not for you. What you should look for is an air conditioner that comes handy and reaches an 8000 BTU upwards. It is also based on the size of your room. But, if you simply want to get what to cool yourself down with, get a Personal Air Cooler.

5. What is the personal space cooler Features

The Mini air cooler is in a cube-like measurement. This cooler is not the type that people place on the floor. Rather its place is on the desk or table beside the bed.

Though the size is compact, it is still powerful enough to cool air down to a 15-degree level. This happens quite normally in weather conditions that are hot and dry. It is also based on the area it covers in terms of size. The design is made to cover 45 square feet, placed a bed or desk. You shouldn’t be trying to cool an entire room with the system.

Easily Setup and with No venting required

Conventional evaporative coolers do well, but when it comes to their setup, they are not that great. For example, when you take them to another room, you will have to set them up again. For the Personal cooler, you are not supposed to do venting. Go ahead and add some water to its reservoir, get it plugged into a power bank or computer. Now, you are ready to enjoy the cool and purified air. Also, since it is compact and easily portable, you can take it everywhere you are going.

With a reservoir full, you can spend 6 hours in the cool. This means a whole night’s use beside your bed. The unfortunate thing is its lack of a timer. You would have to let it work until it runs short of water.

3-in-1 Function

The Personal Air Cooler Functions in 3 Ways:

  • Cooling the air in the area around you
  • It humidifies
  • It purifies the air

Evaporative technology uses cooling mode. The unit features an evaporative cartridge (to be refilled) designed to evaporate water. This causes warm, dry air to pass over the cartridge to cool.

For this reason, there is no need for venting. The method does not send out warm air to the room. The only air it produces is cool, moistened air.

In the same system is a mechanism that is integrated for the sake of air purification. This enables the only clean and safe air to come out.The type of air that is safe for your kids, pets, or children’s bedroom.

Apart from having the area around you full of cool air, this personal cooler also functions as a dehumidifier. The work of the dehumidifier is that of getting rid of excess moisture in the air. The benefits include the prevention of potentially infectious mold spores that invade your home or building.

Also, the useful functions of this feature include helping your hair and skin not to dry. Traditional air conditioning systems cause these drying issues but the personal cooler remedies it.

USB Powered

The USB powered system of the Personal air cooler is an essential feature of the smart device. So, with the USB cable, you can take the unit everywhere to plug and use. With your computer, power bank, or solar generator, you are free to plug in the USB. That is how easily portable it is. You can take it on camping or any other trips.

When there is a power outage, it doesn’t affect you until your power bank and PC are empty, and you have no solar power. Also, it cannot drain your power bank. That is because it draws only 10W of power, which is more or less what a tablet PC or desk fan draws.

LED Night LightLED Night Light

You can also use your Personal air cooler for lighting at night. The unit comes with an awesome LED light that gives you the option to change to your color of choice. You may base the change on your mood or however you wish. The light is also a good idea because it will serve those who detest sleeping in darkness.

Energy Saving and Money Saving

No one would like to consume energy more than what they should consume if they had energy-saving devices. Sometimes, we put on air conditioning in some areas in our houses when we shouldn’t have.

Most importantly, there is no need for cooling the whole room instead of a limited area, whereas you are alone. In that situation, you need to cool just the small space around you.

With your Personal Air Cooler, you can now cool just the close area around you. That means you are consuming less energy, and that does not affect your electricity bill that much. Also, it is environmentally friendly.

6. Cheap cooler VS Vankool personal air cooler

6.Cheap cooler VS Vankool personal air cooler

7. How to Maintenance personal air cooler

You simply have to be refilling the water tank accordingly as well as replacing the evaporative pad regularly.

We advise that you refill your personal cooler after it operates for an approximate period of 4 to 6 hours. Between 2 to 6 months, you can perhaps replace the pad cartridge. However, note that it depends on the level of individual usage as well as humidity conditions.

The retail price of replacement cartridges fluctuates. If the cost is $39 in a region, note that they can be a financial outlay ongoing at regular intervals as you use the device.

If cooler months come and you opt to leave the unit in your storage, drain off the leftover water.

8. Mini evaporative Cooler FAQ

Desktop personal air cooler: where to buy the coolers in bulk? How much is a mini cooler ?

The most convenient way to buy personal air cooler to place order to factory You can visit or send mail to

The price varies depending on the unit. The cheapest personal air conditioners can cost only a couple dozen dollars.

What is the best personal air cooler?

Any personal air cooler that can match your expectations is the best one for you. VANKOOL Personal Air Conditioner Fan can be a smart choice for a personal air cooler.

Do personal air coolers work?

Yes, personal air coolers work like a charm. Furthermore, they can keep you cool while cutting energy costs. They evaporate air and turn warm air into the cold air to reduce the temperature in the room.

9.Top tips for choosing personal cooler fan

If you want a powerful, compact and portable air cooler for cooling your personal space, choose the Personal air cooler. With this innovative design, you don’t need to cool the entire room. For those who have kids or allergy issues, both the humidifier and purifier will help.

Lastly, the unit is super portable. You just need to have enough freshwater as well as where to connect the plug to the USB cable. That is how to get everything set for you to enjoy cool air anywhere you go. It could be in the office, your bedroom or inside a camping tent.

The personal air cooler is compact, sophisticated, noiseless, and easily portable. It comes with valuable desk fans which are bulky and noisy. The innovation could be the type of gadget that you may embrace and never look back.

For any dealer wishing to buy the coolers in bulk, choosing a manufacturer with the most competitive prices is recommended. Vankool is a superb choice for those in the wholesale business. It is the preferred OEM dealer for Honeywell for the past 12 years.

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