Does evaporative air cooler work in humid climates? The short answer is yes, but it depends on the type of evaporative system you use.

Evaporative cooling varies in different situations

The efficiency of evaporative cooling is influenced by various factors, including:

The outdoor dry bulb temperature

The outdoor wet-bulb temperature

The outdoor air humidity

Air pressure

Air volume

Below psychrometric diagram displays all the variables associated with the evaporative process.

Evaporative cooling relies on the physical process of water evaporation, and the efficiency of the chosen system is influenced by relative humidity. In hotter and drier climates, evaporative cooling systems perform better. However, in regions with high relative humidity, like 80% or 90%, the effectiveness of an evaporative system is reduced compared to lower humidity levels. Different climates, such as those in desert or seaside countries like Dubai, impact the effectiveness of evaporative cooling in diverse ways.

Why VEAC™ evaporative air conditioner effect in different climates ?

VEAC™ stands for Vankool Evaporative Air Conditioner,which is the world’s 1st commercially used Eco-friendly air conditioning system with proprietary technology.

Different from an independent evaporative cooling system or a conventional air conditioning system, VEAC™ employs an innovative system integrating an evaporative cooling process and combining it with a refrigeration cycle to achieve optimal cooling performance at approximately 25℃.

In this situation, a VEAC ™ compressor evaporative cooling system can offer an ideal cooling solution by integrating a compressor-based air conditioning system with a traditional evaporative cooling system. Through the combination of these two cooling methods, a production hall or building can achieve effective cooling year-round while retaining the significant energy-saving advantages of evaporative cooling.

In the majority of continental and maritime climates, alternating dry and humid periods are common. In such conditions, only VEAC ™ proves effective throughout the year. Humid days in these climates primarily occur during spring and autumn, with high humidity lasting only a few hours during the day. Thanks to VANKOOL’s two-system technology, the cooling performance is maintained, providing an effective and sustainable indoor climate solution for the remaining periods of the year.

How does VEAC™work 

Two cooling systems are included in VEAC ™.

The first one is an evaporative cooling system which is using water evaporation to cool the air. The second system is an air conditioning system which is using compressor technology.

The hot air will go through the cooling pads and the evaporator, subsequently, the cool air will be pulled out by a fan.

Some desert climate countries, including Dubai, may go through extended humid periods.In such situations, the VEAC dual cooling system becomes an optimal cooling solution. This system merges evaporative cooling with a conditioning cooling system, ensuring effective cooling for production halls or buildings year-round without sacrificing the substantial advantages of evaporative cooling.

VEAC™ versus air cooler-AC- fan

While evaporative cooling provides several distinct advantages over traditional air conditioning units, how does it compare to electric fans or ceiling fans?

Fans reduce body temperature by blowing air over the skin, causing the moisture on the skin’s surface to evaporate. Although both swamp coolers and fans utilize the natural process of evaporation, the outcome of each technology differs. Fans cool individuals, while evaporative units cool the air.

As the effectiveness of a fan relies entirely on physical contact, environments where individuals wear head-to-toe personal protective equipment (PPE) may not experience the benefits of fan cooling technology. Additionally, fans can be noisy, especially on a larger scale, potentially causing significant distractions for employees in the workplace.

On the other hand, evaporative coolers operate quietly and directly impact the ambient temperature. Consequently, these units are suitable for a broader range of applications.

Where to use VEAC™ evaporative coolers

VEAC™ evaporative cooler is suitable for cooling in a variety of environments,such as:

Outdoor events: Prior to the introduction of VEAC™, finding an effective outdoor cooling method, especially in hot and humid areas, was challenging. Portable air conditioners only offered spot cooling for outdoor locations, traditional evaporative coolers were ineffective in wet climates, and fans contributed solely to ventilation. Now, with VEAC™, you have an effective solution for cooling outdoor spaces. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor party or an exhibition, VEAC™ ensures a more comfortable experience.

Retail centers and shops: To keep your customers comfortable and encourage them to stay longer and return, it’s crucial that they feel at ease in your store. Evaporative coolers serve as an effective all-in-one solution for regulating air quality, humidity, and temperature. Moreover, these units work just as efficiently with doors and windows open, making them advantageous in retail centers with high foot traffic and frequent door activity.

Factories & warehouses: Factories, like steel treatment plants, are often large structures with unpleasant odors and high temperatures. Enhance workplace safety and employee satisfaction by ventilating noxious fumes and cooling the space.

Why choose VEAC ™

If your organization is seeking an effective, efficient, and affordable cooling solution, VEAC ™ evaporative air cooler stands out as a leading name in the field of climate control. We employ the very latest technology to ensure unparalleled reliability, sustainability, efficiency, and user-friendliness in it.

VEAC ™ Evaporative + conditioning cooling is efficient and effective in all climate settings. Even in the most humid countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom, Germany and The Netherlands, the climate conditions are perfectly suitable for this technology. It is not only viable in hot, dry climates, such as the west coast of America, Saudi Arabia and Australia, and that their efficiency in more humid climates.

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