Are you in search of a cooling solution that’s both effective and budget-friendly? If you are, then you might have considered using evaporative coolers. These gadgets serve as an alternative to traditional air conditioners and can significantly lower the temperature using less energy. While Hessaire evaporative cooler is okay, some users have complained about feeling too damp and sticky without much cooling, even in a small room at 95°F, making it feel like a sauna. To tackle such common issues, Vankool has introduced a groundbreaking advancement in evaporative cooler technology. Recognizing the drawbacks of traditional models, Vankool has redesigned their coolers to incorporate a hybrid system that combines evaporative cooling with air conditioning. This innovative approach not only ensures effective cooling but also tackles problems related to humidity and stickiness commonly associated with traditional evaporative coolers. Let’s delve deeper into this new technology through comparison.

How does Hessaire evaporative cooler work ?

An evaporative cooler is a name that explains how this particular type of air conditioning works. These coolers work by using the fact that turning a liquid into vapor needs a lot of energy. When this energy is taken from the air, the air becomes cooler. It’s similar to how your body cools down when you sweat..

Evaporative coolers make the most of this process. They set up a situation where hot air can evaporate plenty of water. This happens because of special evaporative material that acts like a super-absorbent sponge while still allowing air to flow through.

When a fan moves air through this material, a large amount of water evaporates, cooling the air. With just one trip through an evaporative cooler, the air temperature can go down by 30° F. This means evaporative coolers can effectively control the climate even when you can’t keep the cooled air in one place for multiple cycles.

NOTE: History of evaporative cooling

Egyptian murals have been found depicting porous clay vessels filled with water were placed beneath an air inlet to provide some cooling when the air passed through them. They where not able to enhance the effects with modern motors and fans, however they designed their housing architecture with this method.

How does VEAC® evaporative air conditioner work ?

VEAC® is short for Vankool Evaporative Air Conditioner, which happens to be the first air conditioning system in the world to use eco-friendly technology and is available for commercial use.

Unlike regular evaporative coolers or traditional air conditioners, this system is unique because it combines the cooling power of evaporative cooling with a refrigeration cycle. This combination results in the best cooling performance at around 25°C.

VEAC® features two cooling systems. The first one uses water evaporation to cool the air, while the second one employs compressor technology for air con

ditioning. Hot air passes through the cooling pads and the evaporator. Then, a fan pulls out the cool air.

This combined Evaporative + conditioning cooling is efficient and works effectively in different climate settings.

It’s not just suitable for hot, dry places like the west coast of America, Saudi Arabia, and Australia; it also performs well in humid European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands.

VEAC® VS Hessaire evaporative cooler

As the Hessaire Evaporative Cooler only uses traditional evaporative cooling, it may not work as well in humid climates or for reducing temperatures. As it relies on evaporating water into the air, its effectiveness decreases when humidity is high. Unlike older models,VEAC®combines both evaporative cooling and air conditioning technologies, raising the bar for cooling efficiency and adaptability. While regular evaporative coolers may struggle in humid conditions and with temperature control, VEAC’s dual-technology approach ensures top-notch performance in any setting.

Product information




Airflow ‎5,300 CFM ‎5,300 CFM
Controls Type ‎Button LCD+Remote
Reservoir Capacity ‎14.6 Gallons 26Gallons
Number of Speeds ‎3 3
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Why choose VEAC evaporative air conditioner?

-Enhanced Cooling Performance for All Environments

VEAC® provides superior cooling compared to standard evaporative coolers. With an ambient temperature of 35°C, the air outlet temperature can drop to around ±22°C. This makes it particularly effective for hot and humid regions.

-Superior Airflow

Compared to regular industrial air coolers, VEAC offers much greater airflow. Industrial units usually have low airflow and are primarily for spot cooling, while VEAC is capable of cooling larger spaces.

-Reduced Energy Consumption

Compared to conventional air conditioners, it can cut down energy usage by as much as 60%.

-Hassle-Free Movement

Thanks to its heavy-duty wheels, VEAC can be effortlessly relocated without the need for installation.

How to reach us ?

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